Careprint is a Pad Printing Supply Manufacturer for Pad Printing Machine from Mumbai delivering Products all over India and the only end to end provider of Pad Printing Machine Supplies including Pad Printing Plates, Pad Printing Silicone Pads or Tampons, Jig Fixtures, Doctor Blades or Ink Cups.

Our Pad Printing Machine Supplies Products


Ready to use Pad Printing Plate with finest etching and optimum depth for crisp & clear print quality.

  • For Closed Cup Machines.
  • For Open Ink Well Machines.
  • High Grade Steel
  • 85+ Variety of Sizes

Ready to use Silicone Pad Printing Pad with optimum Shore A Hardness for crisp print quality

  • German Silicone Rubber
  • 600+ Different Shapes
  • Custom Pad Development
  • Variety of Durometer

Ready to Use Pad Printing Jig Fixture with accurate dimension for smudge-free print quality

  • Epoxy, Acrylic Jig Fixture
  • Nylon, Teflon Jig Fixture
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Long Lasting

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We are committed in providing you Teaching Guides / Tutorials / Buyer’s Guide on usage & maintenance of Pad Printing Machines, Pad Printing Plates, Silicone Pad Printing Rubber Pads, Jig Fixtures, Doctor Blades, Ink Cups and Ceramic Rings.

Our Services

No matter what Pad Printing Issues you have, we have Solution.:)

Pad Printing Technical Support Hub

  • Qualified technicians to solve your issues
  • Email, call, WhatsApp, or in-factory visits
  • Visit the SUPPORT HUB for FAQs, How to Guides and more

Pad Printing School – Jain Printing School

Learn Printing Skill sets Like Screen Printing, Pad Printing And Hot Foiling.

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  • We provide free listing for Contract Printers in the field of Pad Printing, Screen Printing and Foiling.

With over 200+ Customers and counting, Careprint is the most complete and trusted company for Pad Printing and Screen Printing products like Pad Printing Machine, Pad Printing Plates, Pad Printing Silicone Pads, Jig Fixtures, Screen Printing Machine, Stencils, Squeegees, Emulsion

Great benefits from Buying Our Pad Printing Machine Supplies

  • 100% Refund if not satisfied with Quality

  • 100% GST Complaint, Monthly Upload

  • Cost Effective

  • Timely Delivery through Reputed Courier / Transporter with Dispatch Tracking

  • Invoices, Dispatched Details sent through Emails, Whatsapp and SMS

  • Quick Customer Service and Feedback

  • Factory Visit in case of Major Requirements or Critical Problems

  • Online FAQ, Support HUB, Chat Facility

Other Manufacturers

  • No Refund or Late Replacement

  • No Guarantee

  • Very Expensive

  • Untimely Delivery or dispatched through Bad Courier / Transporter

  • Invoices, Dispatched Details sent only through Emails

  • Late or NO Customer Service or Feedback

  • No such Factory Visit in case of Major Requirements or Critical Problems

  • No such Service